LoCuRa CoTiDiaNa Guarantee 

  1. What does the guarantee cover?

We guarantee that the products purchased in our store or purchased online, are of high quality in their manufacture and are free from defects and / or faults in material or workmanship. 
We will repair or replace any product for the duration of the 3-month legal guarantee, after evaluation by our technical team, that the product has a defect in the material or that it originated in the manufacturing process.

  1. What is NOT covered by the warranty?

This warranty does not cover damage to jewelry caused by accidents, misuse, modification, attempt of repair by third parties, negligence in the use after the purchase and common wear caused by daily use, as well as errors by not taking in account the instructions provided for the maintenance of the articles.

  1. How is the right of guarantee exercised

Contact us via email or phone with detailed information about the problem. If you cannot come in person, you can send the product by mail, being the customer responsible for the shipping costs. We are not responsible in the event of loss, damage or theft of the product during its transportation.

  1. What happens after receipt of the product?
  3. Each product received will be evaluated by us to verify if it is covered by the guarantee. If a defect in the material or manufacturing process is determined to exist, repair or replacement options will be established. Re-shipment will be charged to LoCuRa CoTiDiaNa. If it is determined that the damage is not the result of a material or manufacturing defect, we will notify you of the cost to carry out the repair of the piece, including the re-shipment charge.
    1. Can jewels that are no longer under warranty be restored and / or repaired?

    2. We always try to solve restorations and / or repairs of our jewelry, also years after the purchase. To find out if we can repair an older piece of jewelry, contact us via e-mail (even better if you can add a picture of the piece) or phone. 
    3. If you cannot come in person, you can send the product by mail, being the customer responsible for the shipping and re-shipping costs after the repair. Once we receive the defective part, we will contact you to inform you of the time that we would need to restore the jewel and of the cost of the repair.


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